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Discover the team behind this award winning technology

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“A world connected through touch is a better place to live”

Toon Timmermans
CEO at FeelRobotics

FeelRobotics is uniquely placed in the middle of the ecosystem. The team have experience designing and developing hardware - with the FeelRobotics PBCA board. In addition to the software and application expertise, FeelRobotics have strong relationships in the interactive content space.

Our technology is used by brands across the world, to connect their IOT devices, in real-time providing a haptic experience for their consumers.

FeelRobotics is the brainchild of Toon Timmermans. Inspired after watching a 1980's movie - Demolition Man, he decided there had to be way to humanize a remote digital experience. Toon aspired to bring touch to life in an online world.

The original desktop offering was quickly replaced by a cloud solution which embraced the technology advancements of mobile device applications.

Hear how it all began >

“Our mission is enabling people to connect and interact from anywhere in the world”

Antonio Lo Presti

Art Director at FeelRobotics

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Meet the FeelRobotics Leadership Team


Toon Timmermans



David van Brakel

Head of Strategy


Helen Zeal

Director Kiiroo


Mike de Jong

Director Sirius Media


Charlo Galaea

HR manager

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